Blaik Mair - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Jarrod Allen - Bass, Vocals

Austin Hall - Guitar

Juan Hernandez - Drums, Vocals

About the band

The Cadillac Thieves is a country/rock band based in Central Texas. Formed in the wake of their previous musical effort, 4740, Blaik Mair and Jarrod Allen started out as an acoustic duo. Realizing there potential as a full band, Blaik and Jarrod would go on to bring in Juan Hernandez on drums and Austin Hall on split lead guitar. With heavy guitar tones and honest from the heart lyrics, The Cadillac Thieves bring a familiar sound to the Texas Music scene but a sound that is very much their own. With Blaik Mair on vocals & guitar, Jarrod Allen on bass & vocals, Austin Hall on guitar, and Juan Hernandez on drums & vocals, this band will leave you with an experience like no other. So sit down, buckle up and take a ride with The Cadillac Thieves.